A customized WordPress theme is an ideal solution for any website as it provides all the necessary functionality and layouts to make your site stand out from the rest of your competitors. WordPress features and extensions let you virtually create the desired look of your website. The content management system is easy to install and utilize. You can get started literally in a few minutes.

About the Custom WordPress Theme

I have developed a WordPress theme that is always compatible with the latest WordPress application. It has been developed in away where the core functionality never has to be updated with WordPress. This theme is also unique to where it allows me to fully customize it for you to suite your business by going into the core files that make up the Custom WordPress Theme for your site. I’ve also included a number of features built right into the theme that normally you would need additional WordPress plugins to be installed.

Custom WordPress Theme Features:

  • Meta Content – Within the custom theme, includes all the necessary Meta tags built right into the theme. For each page or post when added, there is a Meta Data box that allows you to type in a Meta Description and Meta Keywords. The Meta Description and Keywords you enter in will then be displayed for search engines to properly index that page or post. Normally, WordPress themes do not have this feature built right in; you have to use a WordPress plugin to handle the SEO for your site. If your website is going to be an e-commerce website, with using WooCommerce plugin, I can update the Meta Content functionality to include the post type called Product to display the Meta Data box.
  • Google reCAPTCHA v3 – I’ve included the latest version of Google reCAPTCHA built right into the theme. You can select a specific page, such as the Contact page to call the Google reCAPTCHA or select ALL PAGES. I can help you establish the SITE and SECRET Keys used for Goolge reCAPTCHA.
  • Contact Us form – Within the custom theme I’ve included a file that has a basic contact form in it, to where when the Contact Us page is setup, can call the appropriate template to use for that page. There are 2 settings located in the Theme Settings for the contact us form. One setting is the Email address to, which is the email address used to receive emails from the contact form, and the second setting is the Email Sent Message for people to see after they have submitted the contact form. I can also setup additional forms that can be built right into the theme, so you don’t have to rely on a plugin to use.
  • Widget Areas – I’ve included a Header, Footer and Contact Us widget areas built right into the theme. The Header widget area is displayed above the main header area of the site. Normally used for displaying social media icons or any other small relative information. Any other type of widgets can be displayed within the Footer widget area, such as additional Menu links. The Contact Us widget area is meant specifically for the Contact Us page. This way you can separate widgets that you would see on a page or post but only be on the Contact us page of the site. I can also setup additional widget areas for the site, if needed.
  • Widgets – I’ve included 2 custom Widgets built right into the theme. They are Contact Us and Social Icons. The Contact Us widget allows you to include all basic company information, such as Address, Phone and Email. This widget can be displayed on the Contact Us widget area. The Social Icons widget allows you to easily enter in your social media URLs for Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Linkedin and YouTube. Each URL entered in, will then display the appropriate social media icon. If needed, I can update the programming for this widget to include other social media icons.