About JH Web Designer

My name is Jonathan Hollins and I am a Graphic Designer / Web Designer / Web Developer. Some of my specialties’ are: Website design for any size business, industry or person. Graphics you can print (Posters, Flyers, and CD Cover / Booklets), Logo Design, and Web Graphics.

I have been in the Graphic / Web Design & Development business for the last twelve years. One aspect that makes what I do unique is that I hand-code each website allowing more control over the website and its design. In learning the art of Graphic / Web Design I have become efficient in reading HTML, JavaScript, CSS, PHP Languages. Through years of working in this field I have begun to use code manipulation. This skill allows a code created to do one thing to be changed and perform an entirely different function. Why is this important? Code Manipulation will allow for a more unique designed website and features created especially for your specific needs.

While most websites contain some form of FLASH to add animation, video and interactive web pages, I do not use this when I am designing. One major downfall for FLASH sites is its ability to load on all web browsers (Firefox, Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Safari) while the website looks pretty with FLASH, it can leave those with slower internet connections loading pages. I have come up with a way to make websites load faster, still be interactive and amazing with only using HTML, PHP, JavaScript, jQuery, CSS, and Ajax Script Languages.

I have a background in the fine arts and began at the age of eight years old painting and drawing. With an interest in the art of Surrealism I began to experiment with Photoshop and have taken my passion for art to a more digital level. By using a more digital media I have expanded my talents to design Logos, Posters, Fliers, CD Covers / Booklets and almost anything else you can think of. I have taken my passion to a new level and I really love helping people realize their dreams through the art of Graphic Design / Web Design.