About JH Web Designer

My name is Jonathan Hollins and I am a Graphic Designer / Web Designer & Web Developer. Some of my specialties’ are: Website Design for any size business, industry or person. Graphics you can print (Posters, Flyers, Brochures, and Catalog / Booklets), Logo Design, and Web Graphics.

I have been in the Graphic Design / Web Design & Development business for the last nineteen years. One aspect that makes what I do unique is that I hand-code each website allowing more control over the website and its design. This includes developing a custom Theme for WordPress. In learning the art of Web Design, I have become proficient in reading and writing HTML, PHP, JavaScript, jQuery and CSS languages.

I have a background in Fine Arts and began at the age of eight years old painting and drawing. With an interest in the art of Surrealism I began to experiment with Photoshop and have taken my passion for art to a more digital level. By using a more digital media I have expanded my talents to design Logos, Posters, Fliers, Catalog / Booklets and almost anything else you can think of. I have taken my passion to a new level and I really love helping people realize their dreams through the art of Graphic Design / Web Design.