Website Consulting

Need a Website Consultant?

I’ve been a Web Designer & Developer for over a decade now, and during this time I have worked with many companies to develop their website. Based on my experience, I can help you and your company as a web consultant in guiding you in the right direction in having your website built. As a web consultant my job is to help you make your website better for your business. A good website can do okay for your business. But a great website will take your business to a whole new level. Also having a great website will help you get new customers and build up loyalty to your brand.

For new businesses that need a website developed, as your web consultant, I can give you ideas and suggestions about how your website should be developed. Using an existing website template or theme that is free to use or that needs to be paid for, can have limitations, functionality issues, or they are not well-made correctly. Also using a pre-designed template or theme, never properly captures what your company is all about. Its always best to have your website developed from scratch or custom-built, because this gives more control to the developer that is designing and developing your company’s website. Your website design and layout should reflect what your company is all about.

For those that have an existing website, and your looking to have it re-designed. What I would do first for you, as your web consultant, is to analyze your existing website to make recommendations about how to improve the design and development of your new website. Of course I will take into consideration any ideas that you may have towards the development of your new website. I will provide you with the results about the development of your new website, where you can pass onto a developer of your choice. Obviously, based on my experience as a web designer and developer, I can easily build your new website.

While analyzing your existing website, I’ll be looking at the following:

  • Layout & Design / Visual aspect of your website
  • Written content throughout your website
  • Whether or not your website showcases your companies brand well
  • How your website was programmed
  • If your website is mobile friendly
  • Your websites navigation / If your website is user friendly
  • The quality of the graphics on your website
  • If your website holds up to SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

To schedule your Web Consultation with me about needing a website developed or re-designed for your company, please contact me at (316) 842-4906 or email me at