Partially Retiring Notice

Effective as of June 5, 2023.

I have decided, after almost 20 years as a Graphic Designer / Web Designer & Developer to partially retire. It’s not that I don’t enjoy doing this type of work; it’s mainly because for the last several months I’ve hardly had any work to do. Since I work for myself and this has always been my full-time job, people or companies don’t seem to be able to pay my fees for any type of projects.

What Does This Mean In Terms of Me Partially Retiring?

1. JH Web Designer’s website will still be up and running.

2. All of the Services / Products that are on JH Web Designer’s website will still be available.

3. Any website that I have developed, I will still be available to Up-Date or perform Maintenance when needed.

4. I will still continue on in adding in New Royal Icing Transfer designs for people to buy.

5. I will still continue to work on the projects that people still have open with me.

The ONLY Graphic Design projects I will take on will only be from when someone places an order on my website. As for Web Design & Development projects, it depends upon the project itself if I wish to work on it.

Any type of work that has to deal with Third-Party Systems, Amazon or Social Media, I will NOT do anymore. I will ONLY handle or deal with an actual Website, where the website is located on its own web-server.

I wont be fully retiring as a Graphic Designer / Web Designer & Developer until JH Wood Creations is fully up and running and is off the ground.

My New Adventure…

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